Smart Hands

Technical Solutions

Specializing in but not limited to the following:


  • DMARC extensions - T1/E1 - DSL / Phone Line - Customer Premise Wiring Installation & Repair

  • Circuit Troubleshooting - CSU/DSU termination points - Router WIC testing / loopback

  • WAN failover installation and testing / 4G CradlePoint installation and configuration

  • DSL static IP / bridging / PPPoE / Test sync and surf / Reliability testing & long term logging

  • VoIP router / ATA installation and porting / vendor cutover / 66 Block and in house wiring

  • 802.11 A-N wireless profile configuration / POE injector testing / Voltage verification

  • RS232 console sessions / router remote configuration / mobile hot spot activation's

  • POS/Kiosk upgrade, diagnostic & repair/replacement of all peripherals connected

  • AC / DC live voltage trace carrier cables up to 6 feet deep through any surface

  • Tone / Trace / Terminate / Test RG6, RG59, CAT5e, CAT6, POTS, Speaker Wire, Tip n Ring

  • Audio / Visual Digital Signage installation and troubleshooting

Low Voltage electricity and data transmission has been our specialty for over 20 years.  Finding your connection in a mess could cost you big! We pride ourselves in cable installation, diagnostics and repair from the patch panel to the wall jack.  Tested connections are vital for proper communication and a well documented wiring closet is a must!

From CAT5e / CAT6 to CAT3 and telephone troubleshooting, we have the patience to get to the root of the problem and provide a solution! Carrying a wide array of tools and a large set of skills, we come prepared for the job and ready for the unpredictable.  Contact us today to ensure you receive our resolution in a timely and professional manner!